Battery-Powered Hydraulic Combi Tool

Simple operation and mobility
Controlled destructive power
BC300X the combi tool


Main Features of BC300X

  • - 20-years of continuous improvements results in the ultimate Ogura Combi Tool -
  • The new model BC300X combines simple operation and mobility with a highly practical destructive power!
  • ■ Uses "Awethumb™ controller"※1 for easy operation and direction control. Change direction easily with simple movement of the thumb while still holding the carrying handle (when the handle is in the standard position).
  • ■ A sealed hydraulic system means no oil leaks and minimal maintenance requirement.
  • ■ Equipped with a high-power brushless motor with enhanced dust and drip-proof※2 performance for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments.
  • ■ A lightweight (only 14.0kg / 30.86lbs) and compact combination tool suitable for vehicle extrication and rescue but also for a great variety of other rescue tasks such as in disaster relief.
  • ■ Higher power with a maximum cutting force of 392.3kN (40t) / maximum spreading force of 567.1kN (57.8t).
  • ■ Added versatility with carrying handle and motor section that can rotate freely through 360 degrees.
  • ※1 Awethumb™ is a coined word that combines "Awesome" and "thumb".
  • ※2 This product is designed to reduce the effects of water and dust on it but is not guaranteed against such damage by water or dust.
BC300X main image
BC300X main imageBC300X demoBC300X demoBC300X demoBC300X demoBC300X demo


  • Equipped with Awethumb™ controller

  • Uses latest 18V brushless motor

  • Provided with 360 degrees rotating handle

  • Fitted with 360 degrees rotating motor flange

  • Replaceable cutting edge inserts

How to open one side of the vehicle using only the BC300X

Max. Spreading Force567.1kN (57.8t)
127,427 lbs
Spreading Distance300 mm / 11.8 in
Max. Cutting Force392.3 kN (40.0t)
88,185 lbs
Max. Cutting Force at the center145.1 kN (14.8 t)
32,628 lbs
(92 mm (3.6 in) from the core)
Cutter Opening197 mm / 7.76 in
Max. Squeezing Force
25 mm (1 in) from the tips
74.5 kN (7.6 t)
16,755 lbs
(incl. battery)
14.0 kg / 30.86 lbs
L x W x H
754 mm × 154 mm × 293 mm
29.7 in × 6.06 in × 11.5 in
Standard AccessoriesBattery, Charger, Carrying Case

Replaceable cutting edge inserts

Replaceable cutting edge inserts

Standard Trolley Case

Standard Trolley Case

Optional Pulling Chain

Optional Pulling Chain

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