Battery-Powered Hydraulic Combi Tool

A Fast and Powerful
Combi Tool


Main Features of BC-300BL

  • - Multi function Combi Tool with greatly improved power. -
  • The BC-300BL Combi Tool is much faster and more powerful than its predecessor the BC-300F. It can cut, pull, spread and squeeze/crush metal structures. Manufactured from a special alloy and combined with our proprietary electro-hydraulic pump system makes this a truly lightweight combi tool at only 14.5 kg (32.0 lbs). This is a powerful tool producing many tons of force at the tips and at the cutting edges where it counts.
  • The carrying handle and motor can be independently rotated through 360 degrees, for maximum flexibility and optimum positioning of the tool during operation.
  • The field-proven powerful Makita 18V brushless motor has a twin LED with afterglow to light your operation at night. The Makita Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) gives enhanced dust and drip-resistant performance when operating outdoor and in harsh environments.
BC-300BL main image
BC-300BL spread
BC-300BL spread
BC-300BL cut
BC-300BL spread
BC-300BL squeeze
BC-300BL main imageBC-300BL demoBC-300BL demoBC-300BL cutBC-300BL spreadBC-300BL squeeze


  • Uses latest 18V brushless motor

  • Provided with 360 degrees rotating handle

  • Fitted with 360 degrees rotating motor flange

  • Replaceable cutting edge inserts

Breaking a door lock with BC-300BL

Max. Spreading Force548.8 kN (56.0 t)
123,459 lbs
Min. Spreading Force
(EN 13204)
36.8 kN (3.75 t)
8,267 lbs
Spreading Distance300 mm / 11.8 in
Max. Cutting Force392.3 kN (40.0t)
88,185 lbs
Max. Cutting Force at the center145.1 kN (14.8 t)
32,628 lbs
(92 mm (3.6 in) from the core)
Cutter Opening197 mm / 7.76 in
Max. Squeezing Force
25 mm (1 in) from the tips
74.5 kN (7.6 t)
32,628 lbs
16,755 lbs
(incl. battery)
14.5 kg / 32.0 lbs
L x W x H
703 mm × 154 mm × 288 mm
27.7 in × 6.1 in × 11.3 in
Standard AccessoriesBattery, Charger, Carrying Case

Replaceable cutting edge inserts

Replaceable cutting edge inserts

Standard Trolley Case

Standard Trolley Case

Optional Pulling Chain

Optional Pulling Chain

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