• Company Profile
  • Introduction
  • Management Philosophy
  • Quality Policy
  • Corporate History

Company Profile

Trade NameOgura & Co., Ltd.
PresidentShigeharu Ogura
Location2661 Hongo, Ebina-City, Kanagawa, 243-0417 Japan
Established1st March, 1928
Founded21st September, 1962
CapitalJPY 62,800,000
Number of Employees60 people
Factory LocationDepot and Head Office
2661 Hongo, Ebina-City, Kanagawa, 243-0417 Japan
Kyushu Factory
463-1 Yamaguma, Tachiarai-machi, Mii-gun, Fukuoka, 830-1226 Japan
Regional Sales OfficesTokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Takamatsu, and Fukuoka (industry and civil engineering related products)
Major BanksShizuoka Bank Fujisawa Branch, Kiraboshi Bank Kamata Branch, Mizuho Bank Fujisawa Branch, Yokohama Shinkin Bank Ebina Branch
Board MemberPresidentShigeharu Ogura
Executive Vice PresidentShinichiro Ogura
Managing DirectorShuji Ogura
DirectorYoshiko Ogura
DirectorKazunori Ogura
DirectorKiyoshi Kimura
DirectorEisuke Oide
DirectorKazuaki Sato
DirectorEiji Kawabe
AuditorShinji Yoshida


Ogura began business in Tokyo in 1928 with a patent for a new type of Chuck for machining tools. Then, in 1939, the company became the first in Japan to manufacturer an electric Pipe Threading Machine. Over the following years more models were developed, and the Ogura brand became known all over the country. This achievement was recognized in 1974 when, its founder and inventor, Jyuzo Ogura, was awarded a decoration by the Science and Technology Agency. Development continued when the company started to manufacturer a range of new products for the concrete and construction market that utilized a compact hydraulic pump and motor. The new tools proved to be reliable, lightweight and versatile and these new technologies made Ogura a leader in the hydraulic power tool industry. In 1997 we began to develop compact and lightweight rescue tools. Since then, we have continued with our goal to create a range of truly portable and effective rescue tools using our experience in hydraulic technology. We continue to upgrade our product specifications to meet these new needs and have achieved a solid reputation for the “Ogura” brand for being:

Solution tools for different fields

Going forward, we will continue to adhere to our principal of “user-first” and our determination to supply products and after-sales services that meets the individual requirements for excellence and innovation that our customers in Japan and around the world expect. We will continue with our efforts throughout the company. We look forward to your continued support for the trusted brand “Ogura”.

Management Philosophy

Adhering to the user-first principle, we will contribute to the supply of excellent products and after-sale-service that is tailored to the individual needs of our domestic and global customers.

We will continue to aim for our slogan

Quality Policy

  • 1. As a matter of course, we will comply with social norms such as laws and regulations. We will continuously improve our business performance so that our quality management system can function effectively so that we can fully satisfy our customer’s expectations.
  • 2. We strive to be a company that receives good evaluations from our customers.
  • 3. By developing new and unique products, we will secure the industry's No.1 position in Japan and overseas.
  • 4. We will develop our human resources to be always ambitious.

ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Certified Company
ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Certified Company

Corporate History

  • 1928
  • • Started operation as a private company in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
  • • Invented and patented a general-purpose chuck for machine tools that breathed new life into the industry.
  • 1943
  • • Exhibited at the Precision Machinery Exhibition and the Japan Patent Office Invention Exhibition and received an award.
  • 1949
  • • Exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Excellent Invention Exhibition and received an award.
  • • Completed and released Japan's first domestic pipe cutting and threading machine.
  • 1953
  • • Received a letter of appreciation from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for excellent product development.
  • • Exhibited at the Ota-ku Industrial Promotion Exhibition in Tokyo and received an award.
  • 1954
  • • Completed trial production of small thread cutting machine for pipes and started mass production.
  • Ogura history
  • • Exhibited at the Nihon Kikai Kogyo Grand Exhibition and received a letter of appreciation.
  • 1956
  • • Exhibited at the Osaka International Trade Fair and won the Excellent Export Product Award.
  • 1957
  • • Moved to Nishirokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo to increase production and reform the structure.
  • • Established Ogura Chuck Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • 1959
  • • Opened Osaka Sales Office.
  • 1961
  • • Established Chogo Seisakusho as a factory specializing in assembly in Chogo, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • • Exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Excellent Invention Exhibition and received an award from the Governor of Tokyo.
  • 1962
  • • Against the background of the era of trade liberalization, the sales department was made independent and Ogura Sales Co., Ltd. was established.
  • • Ogura Chuck Manufacturing Co., Ltd. moved to Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture and combined with Chogo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Ogura history
  • 1963
  • • Opened Sendai, Nagoya and Fukuoka branch offices.
  • 1966
  • • Opened Sapporo Residential police box.
  • • Concluded a sales agency contract with Ridgid, the largest manufacturer of plumbing tools in the United States.
  • • Exhibited at the Kanagawa Industrial Exhibition and received the Mayor's award.
  • 1969
  • • Our product 50R type won the 1968 PM Excellence Award at the maintenance show.
  • • This product is selected as an excellent export product for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo.
  • 1970
  • • Our product 50R type won the Kanagawa Prefecture Export Product Encouragement Award.
  • • Opened Ichikawa and Hiroshima Sales Offices.
  • 1971
  • • With the slogan “Challenge Quality!”, the dream portable pipe machine 32 mini is completed.
  • • Opened Sapporo Sales Office.
  • 1972
  • • Develop a national campaign for Ogura caravan cars.
  • • Concluded product supply contracts with Virax, Europe's largest plumbing tool maker and achieved sales in Europe of over 10,000 units.
  • • Changed the sales company name to Ogura & Co., Ltd.
  • 1974
  • • Our founder, Juzo Ogura was awarded the Yellow Ribbon Award by the Science and Technology Agency for his long-standing patent product development and his contribution to the development and manufacturing of the first domestically produced pipe machine to the industrial world.
  • Ogura awarded the Yellow Ribbon Award
  • 1975
  • • Released BC-19 and BC-25 rebar cutting machines with unique design.
  • • Received a permanent company award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
  • Ogura history bc19, bc25
  • 1976
  • • Released BB-19 and BB-25 rebar bending machines with unique design.
  • Ogura history bb25
  • 1978
  • • Released rebar benders MB-19 and MB-25, which use electromagnetic clutches, and were very popular.
  • 1980
  • • Released the electro-hydraulic rebar cutters HBC-13 and HBC-19, which were very popular due to their high quality.
  • Ogura history hbc19 hbc13
  • • Released type-25 of an ultra-small pipe machine.
  • 1982
  • • Released the electro-hydraulic rebar cutter series HBC-16 and HBC-25 and developed various rebar processing machines to meet the demand for labor saving and on-site processing. Exclaimed by professional users for the many variations.
  • • Released the electro-hydraulic puncher series.
  • 1983
  • • Manufacturing and sales combined as part of rationalization and moved to Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the company name was unified as “Ogura & Co., Ltd.”.
  • 1988
  • • Opened Omiya Sales Office.
  • 1989
  • • Concluded a worldwide OEM agreement with Makita Corporation.
  • Ogura history makita OEM
  • 1990
  • • Concluded a nationwide distributor agreement for the steel processing machine series with HMI of the United States.
  • 1991
  • • Established and opened Kyushu Ogura & Co., Ltd. as the second factory in Tachiarai-cho, Mii-gun, Fukuoka.
  • 1997
  • • Developed special equipment products for the rescue market that utilize cordless motors and small hydraulic assemblies.
  • Ogura history hrs91
  • 2001
  • • The rebar cutting machine HCC-19 is evaluated for its light weight and small size immediately following the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States. Ogura makes an emergency shipment to the New York City Fire Department to help with the rescue activities.
  • Ogura history NY 911 ORC-19
  • 2003
  • • Released the BC (cordless combi tool) series for rescue.
  • Ogura history OCT-250
  • 2005
  • • Released our best seller cordless compact hydraulic rescue system: HRS-93 series for natural disaster rescue.
  • Ogura history HRS-93
  • 2008
  • • Released the MCT (manual combi tool) series for rescue.
  • Ogura history MCT-250
  • 2011
  • • Released new “N series” of double-acting electro-hydraulic puncher.
  • Ogura history N series
  • 2013
  • • Released new "HSC series" of Cordless Tip Saw Cutter.
  • 2015
  • • Released the first double acting cordless removable rescue system: HRS-95 series in the industry.
  • Ogura history HRS-95
  • 2018
  • • Ogura celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding in 1928.
  • 90th anniversary logo of Ogura
  • 2019
  • • Released the RP series, an entirely new concept in removeble power for the rescue market. This series is already achieving a good reputation around the world for overcoming limitations in the use of compact rescue tools.
  • Ogura history RP series