MCT-250 Manual Combi Tool
Hand pump for disaster rescue. Use immediately on arrival.
Easy use for civil defence, aerial rescue and remote rescue.
MCT-250 main photo
opened position 778×252×180mm / 30.6"×9.9"×7.1"
closed position 835×185×180mm / 32.9"×7.3"×7.1"
Weight (include belt) 11.5kg (25.3 lbs)
Max.Spreading Distance 250mm (9.8")
Max.Spreading Force 25mm from the tips 58.7kN (6.0t) / 13,196 lbs
100mm from the tips 123.0kN (12.5t) / 27,652 lbs
at the tips 49.0kN (5.0t) / 11,016 lbs
Max.Cutting Opening 170mm (6.7")
Max.Cutting Force at the center 146.9kN (15.0t) / 33,024 lbs
in the notch 280.0kN (28.6t) / 62,947 lbs
Max.Squeezing Force (at the tips) 74.0kN (7.6t) / 16,636 lbs
Max.Cutting Capacity
Round bar 400N/mm²(58,000 psi)
φ22mm / 7/8"
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