ORC-19DF/16DF Portable Rescue Cutter
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The ORC19DF & ORC16DF are designed to cut steel bars quickly.
These Cutters, incorporating the Ogura proprietary electro-hydraulic pump system, are in use at construction sites all over the world where they have proven to be highly reliable.
Now, more and more, the ORC19DF and ORC16DF are being used at rescue sites, such as collapsed buildings, where they have shown to be invaluable in rescue and clear-up operations.
Model ORC-16DF ORC-19DF
Motor 18V DC
Battery Li-ion 18V 3.0Ah
Dimensions (L × W × H)
* (include the holding handle)
380 × 265 × 108 mm
15.0" × 10.4" × 4.3"
412 × 289 × 134 mm *
16.2" × 11.4" × 9.2" *
Weight (include battery) 6.5 kg (14.4 lbs) 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs)
Max. Cutting Capacity (Grade 40 ~ Grade 60) 16 mm (5/8") 20 mm (3/4")
Grade 40: Tensile Strength 70,000 psi
Grade 60: Tensile Strength 90,000 psi
Cutting Force 78.4 kN (8.0 t)
17,636 lbs
110.0 kN (11.3 t)
24,912 lbs
Cutting Speed (sec.) 4.0 6.5
Standard Accessories Battery, Battery Charger, Battery Cover, Wrenches, Carrying Case, Hydraulic Oil
The ORC-19DF can cut 20mm (3/4")
rebar more than 72 times per battery charge.
The ORC-16DF can cut 16mm (5/8")
rebar more than 100 times per battery charge.
・Remote rescue
・Forcible entry
・Collapsed building
・Aerial rescue
・Protester release
・Confined area
ORC 360 degrees rotaion
The cutter head can swivel 360 degrees and allows the operator to position the tool correctly while at all times keeping control.

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