BC-300F - 45% Faster Operating Speed
Cuts, pulls, crushes, and spreads metal and metal structures.
This is powered open and closed by hydraulics.
Special alloy steel combined with our proprietary electro-hydraulic pump system makes this Battery Combo truely lightweight at only 14.2kg (31.3lbs). Yet it is still powerful enough to produce many tons of force at the tips and the blades.
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BC-300F demo1
BC-300F demo1
BC-300F 360 degree rotation
Ergonomic design and easy controls make operation simple in difficult circumstances.
The twist grip style control allows fine movement for safely releasing the load when the tool is being used in lifting and pulling modes.
BC-300F handle
The well designed controls make operation in difficult conditions easy.
The holding handle at the center and the rear can be independently adjusted through 360 degrees rotation to allow optimum positioning of the tool.
Motor 18V DC
Battery Li-ion 18V 3.0Ah
opened position 665×300×279mm / 26.2"×11.8"×11"
closed position 729×154×279mm / 28.7"×6.1"×11"
Weight (include battery) 14.2kg (31.3lbs)
Max.Spreading Distance 300mm (11.8")
Max.Spreading Force at the end of the mill 348.0kN (35.5t) / 78,264lbs
at the tips 51.0kN (5.2t) / 11,464lbs
Max.Cutting Opening 197mm (7.8")
Max.Cutting Force at the center 115.7kN (11.8t) / 26,015 lbs
in the notch 313.8kN (32.0t) / 70,548 lbs
Max.Squeezing Force (at the tips) 59.6kN (6.1t) / 13,448lbs
Standard Accessories Battery, Battery Charger
Battery Cover, Wrenches
Carrying Case, Hydraulic Oil
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