Introducing the truly portable, compact, and powerful, Rescue Tools.
The Patented electro-hydraulic pump that is the heart of the system is the end product of many years of experience in the industrial sector to which we have supplied tens of thousands of similar self-contained power tools.
We have combined the latest battery technology with our patented electro-hydraulic pump system to create a range of powerful, compact, and truly portable tools.
The new battery, which is Lithium-ion, is widely used in the power tool industry and is readily available.
No Gasoline engines or heavy generators.
No troublesome hoses or power cords.
The Ogura Rescue Tools are ready for immediate deployment and being lightweight, highly portable, and very easy to use, are changing the way the Emergency Services approach many of their tasks.
Tasks that before were difficult or impossible can now be easily achieved.
The Ogura Rescue Tools can be used by all trained Emergency Service Personnel - it is not necessary to be a weight lifter or fitness fanatic - thereby increasing the pool of possible operators and expanding the response opportunities.
Now with LIthium-ion Battery